We are Freedom Dragon

Freedom Dragon Corporation Limited. We are the one of startup companies in Hong Kong that specialized in marketing, web/apps development with the aim to provide good quality of marketing and/or IT solutions that improves companies' business and brand reputation as well as supports their integration into the global marketplace and global community.


Founded by marketing and IT maniacs


Received 6 awards related to IT and graphic design


Solid experience (7 Year+) on mobile apps and web development


Received (4 Year+) university cooperative relationship

Services We Provide

Marketing solution, IT solution, technical training, multimedia design jobs, etc.


Experts in SocialTech, FinTech, EduTech, Sharing Economy and Mobile Computing
Mr. D
BSc, MSc
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Currently interested in SocialTech, EduTech, sharing economy and mobile computing. He received 6 awards in IT area and has rich experience on web and mobile apps development plus rich knowledge in EduTech.
Mr. B
BSc (Hons)
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

An expert in software development, he's interested in computer programming, distributed computing, blockchain technologies and STEM education.


Highlighted projects we've done
想要 (iNeed)


Pop Pop

想夠Popular? 「玩PopPop你最Pop」!

【本地創作】Pop Pop 係一個為香港人而設立嘅社交平台。用家可以隨心分享生活點滴,同朋友網友互動。
【欣賞美好事物】涵蓋各種風格的內容。清水、耽美、熱血... 數之不盡!
【展現才華】不論你是學生、KOL、模特兒、網紅、演藝人士,所有想增加名氣、發揮才華、表現自我的朋友,都可利用 Pop Pop 招攬粉絲,粉絲亦可給予評論或打賞,藉此拉近彼此間嘅距離!


[Client's Project] Helps architects to view the constructional products including the product images, details, price, etc., and then they can make comment to ask question about the product.

Play In HK

To talk about the locations, fun activities, contacts of some play relevant organizations in Hong Kong.

App Bid

Wanna buy something? Ask if any sellers who has your needed product, not need to search and find in anywhere.
Wanna sell something? Bid requests, wait for the buyer to contact you.
Get a business, so easy!

Dr. Vocab

This is an app that helps the kids to learn the English vocabulary with the vocabulary card, game(questions) and game revision.


A cloud storage web service that built with JSP to provide the file storage and management services on the Internet. It used some advanced technologies in HTML5 and JavaScrip, like drag & drop file uploading, Ajax and CSS3. Moreover, MD5 hashing, Base64 encoding (file transmission) and HTTPS are used to improve the security.

Kinect Smart

KinectSmart is a smart home and security project that enables user to have a smart environment to control their appliance easily with somatosensory control or a smartphone to reduce the unnecessary time, and observer their home with the real-time video monitoring in their smartphone. And it is very helpful for people with disabilities to control their home and appliances.

笑笑幸運抽 (Smile Lottery)

Smile Lottery is a lottery game for customer to draw a sentence that makes them and their friends more fun. And it is available on Google Play Store.